Easy to use, practical, and affordable

Almost 30 years, Vahlkamp has been developing and producing wireless alarm systems. From our company philosophy, we are continuously striving to make ideal combinations of ease of use, practicality, and affordability; always from the starting point that safety and security are core values where the most vulnerable groups in our society are concerned. Vahlkamp endeavours to develop products on the basis of concrete demands made by the target group. This is what we have been doing for twenty-five years. And this is what we will continue to do.


Vahlkamp develops alarm systems - if necessary in combination with in-house services - for the wide application area of healthcare, geriatric care, psychiatric care, and care for the handicapped. Our product range is directed at institutions, such as hospitals and nursing and residential homes, as well as small-scale residential services and organisations that offer extramural care.


Safety, security and trust. All products developed by Vahlkamp will turn any user's living environment into a safer, more comfortable place to be. Our systems are developed in such a way that they are always integrated into an existing technical infrastructure. Naturally, we can also provide you with a complete package; customised to the specific circumstances of each individual user.


To some manufacturers, innovation means the development of products from their own expertise. To Vahlkamp, innovation means a lot more than just that. For example, finding innovative solutions to actual requirements. This concrete innovation is 'hidden' in the technology or software we use. At all times, the user is presented with an easy to use and practical device. We do not believe that security and trust is created by a complex panel cluttered with knobs and lights.s.

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