Tele Call

An extra reassurance

The Tele Call is a simple solution for difficult moments. If standard solutions will not work, extra creativity is needed. And with all its accumulated creativity, Vahlkamp developed the Tele Call. It's a system that expands upon any existing alarm system with an extra reassurance.

Just in time...

Alarm systems in geriatric, nursing and residential homes should ensure the security of patients and residents. A single press on the alarm button should ensure prompt medical assistance. However, in some cases, a standard alarm system will not suffice. Especially in emergency situations, the user may not be able to reach the button in time, or at all. Tele Call will expand upon your existing alarm system and provide you with extra reassurance: accessibility from all corners of the room or apartment.

Tele Call consists of a small, convenient transmitter, which the patient or resident can wear around the neck, carry in the pocket, or have pinned on the shirt. A receiver unit is connected to the existing alarm signaller, which will directly pass on the signals from the transmitter to your nurse alarm system. An audio-visual signal, consisting of a beep sound and a small red light, will immediately confirm that the nurse alarm system has been notified. This way, the user can rest assured that help is on its way. In front of the window, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or toilet: help is within reach anywhere and at any time.

Easy to use

All the reception unit requires is a 220-V wall socket. The transmitter is delivered with a battery that will ensure proper operation, year after year. Special pushbuttons are available for people with poor hand function. These buttons are operated with extreme ease.