Table alarm

A convenient and easy-to-use system.

One of the things that distinguishes Vahlkamp in the market is the development of alarm products for relatively small target groups. For example, the table alarm, which is especially suitable for people with poor hand function. This table alarm is a convenient and easy-to-use system. And for an even smaller, more specific target group, we developed the table-alarm mat.

Alarm systems in nursing and residential homes should ensure the security of patients and residents. One press on the alarm button and the nursing staff will know that prompt assistance is needed. But what if you have a patient with poor hand function, for example because of rheumatism or paresis?

For people who are unable to press buttons The table alarm and the table-alarm mat are convenient tools for people who are unable to press buttons. Both alarm systems are completely wireless. The alarm signal is passed on to the alarm system via a transmitter (maximum distance 15 m).

The table alarm is a convenient alarm set comprising an alarm unit and a reception unit. The alarm unit is equipped with an integrated transmitter and has a height of 18 mm. This alarm unit is placed wherever the user is at that moment; for example on a table in the day-care centre, on the wheelchair, the bed, or the bedside table.

For those who are unable to bridge the height of the alarm unit, the table-alarm mat was developed. This alarm mat measures 170 x 170 mm and has a height of only 4 millimetres. By means of a cable with plug, the mat is connected to a small transmitter unit that can be mounted to the bottom or side of, for example, a table. The only thing the resident has to do is exercise a slight pressure onto the alarm mat.

All that is needed for the reception unit is a plug facility into the alarm system and a 220-V wall socket. Because installation of the parts is extremely easy, a simple operation suffices to move the table alarm to