To create a safe environment.

Convenient, easy, and reliable. The multisense infrared bed alarm will guarantee a good night's sleep for patients and residents. With this easily and quickly installed bed alarm, you have obtained a surprisingly complete instrument to create a safe environment. Nobody need lie awake anymore, for whatever reason.

Vahlkamp has developed a range of bed-alarm products. With this infrared bed alarm, you can ensure that prompt action is taken when users leave their beds inadvertently and for whatever reason. This way, optimum assistance is offered to patients in need of help.

The multisense is placed near the patient's bed in a discreet way. The unit is easily and simply positioned, moved, mounted, and switched on and off. Whenever the patient leaves the bed, this is detected and the nurse alarm system is activated. False detection – false alarm – will rarely occur, if at all. This way, fast and adequate help can be provided. When the patient is taken care of, the alarm is easily reset. Either by means of a switch on the unit itself, or from a remote location.

The multisense can be delivered wireless or wired. In case of the wired version, the multisense is connected to the nurse alarm system using an extension cord. In case of the wireless version, a reception unit is plugged into the existing nurse alarm system.