When to use a door alarm.

We are increasingly confronted by our aging demography. For care institutions, this will involve an increasing number of residents who require more attention than used to be the case in the past. The door alarm will help you meet this challenge.

Suppose you have a patient or resident who would be better off not to leave his or her room without an attendant. How will you make sure of this? It's almost impossible to keep a permanent watch. Still, should the person involved leave his or her room, it is imperative that you are warned of the fact. The answer is very simple: the Vahlkamp door alarm.

The door alarm comprises a magnetic contact that is mounted onto the door. As soon as the resident leaves his room and opens the door, a transmitter unit will activate the existing alarm system. This way, you can go and have a look immediately, to help prevent unsafe situations from occurring. To avoid unnecessary alarm situations, for example when a room is entered by one of your staff, an interval time has been set. This will allow sufficient time to reset the alarm.

The door alarm can be expanded upon by adding a wireless alarm transmitter or fire alarm. The door alarm is provided by Vahlkamp. This company has all the experience and knowledge needed to meet the communication needs of health-care.