Chair Alarm

A simple solution for difficult moments

For some patients, it is not safe to leave the chair in which they are seated without assistance. Because they are limited in their mobility or otherwise, they might fall if they do. Like the bed and floor versions, the chair alarm is a relatively simple means to warn a nurse, a volunteer or family member, or another person looking after the patient, should he or she leave the chair.

This alarm product provides an ideal means to permanently watch over a patient. The chair alarm is simply placed on top of or underneath the chair cushion. If the user leaves the chair and the preset time has elapsed, the nurse alarm system is activated. This way, fast and adequate help can be provided.

The chair alarm is available both wireless and wired. The wired system uses an adjustable time lag and should be connected to a nurse alarm system using an extension lead. The wireless alarm has its own transmitter and receiver unit. The receiver unit is plugged into your existing nurse alarm system.