A simple solution for difficult moments.

A good night's sleep. And peace of mind. Vahlkamp developed the bed alarm especially to keep an eye on patients who cannot leave their bed without assistance. This alarm is particularly user-friendly and reliable.

This alarm product allows patients who should remain safely in bed to be continuously watched over. This way, the people looking after them will have their hands free to attend to other matters. After all, a patient or resident equipped with such an alarm will no longer need constant attendance.

The operation of this alarm product is very simple indeed. The bed alarm, is quite inconspicuously, put under the patient's mattress. The time-lag switch should be set to the correct time period. After the patient has left the bed and the set time has passed, the nurse alarm system is activated. This way, fast and adequate help can be provided. If the patient needs care, the bed alarm is easily switched off by means of a small cabinet mounted to the bed.

The bed alarm is available both wireless and wired. The wired system uses an adjustable time lag and should be connected to a nurse alarm system using an extension lead. The wireless alarm has its own transmitter and receiver unit. The receiver unit is plugged into your existing nurse alarm system.