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As extramural care is on the increase, so is Vahlkamp's market share. And while these developments are going on, we continue to invest in new developments for smaller groups of people in need of care. One example of these is the very innovative Epi-Watcher, which was developed to help epileptic patients as well as the people looking after them enjoy a good night's sleep.


Vahlkamp develops and manufactures completely on its own account. By delivering straight to the end user, we are able to sell our systems at highly competitive prices. In addition, our internal organisational structure enables us to develop customised as well as the standard products in our product range..


Developing products for the health-care sector requires a certain amount of idealism. At Vahlkamp, we are well aware of this. Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship has formed the heart of our operation for almost 30 years.

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