Wireless Customisation

Customisation, even in case of paraplegia

Because of increasing customer demands, we are continuously looking for ways to expand our existing product range with new applications. That is how the Tele Call, after a modification in the autumn of 2010, can now also be used by patients suffering from paralysis. Up till then, the Tele Call could not be used by paraplegics and people with various forms of immobilisation. Thanks to the development of two additional instruments and an adjustment of the software, this is now a thing of the past.

Patients with muscular debilities or even near-total paralysis can now use a flexible blowpipe to activate the Tele Call. This tube is easily mounted to the bed. For patients who cannot blow, or only with great difficulty, a microswitch called the 'buddy button' was developed. By means of tiny head movements, the patient is able to activate the Tele Call.

Special switches

In general, switches developed by Vahlkamp will serve most purposes of the majority of our target groups. In 2010, continuous market research has led to the development of new switches, which allow us to customise our products to more specific situations and even the tiniest target groups.

Peace of mind

Stressed Patients. A scientific term that sounds rather unpleasant. The term indicates that certain patient groups, for various reasons, demonstrate a raised stress pattern. Especially for this group, Vahlkamp developed a new addition to the Tele Call system. If this module is installed, patients who belong to this target group will hear a message that will set their minds at ease. So they will know that their signal was successfully transmitted and that help is on its way.


Some older patients find it difficult to operate the Tele Call because of problems with their hand function. Thanks to the proximity switch, this is no longer a problem. With this switch, the patient does not have to touch the Tele Call; his or her proximity to the device is all that is needed. Naturally, the optimum results will be discussed with you to see which solution best matches each particular patient.