Wander guard system

The highest possible freedom with the highest protection required

The Wander Guard System is the ideal monitoring application in day care centres and their vicinity. It enables disoriented residents or patients to move freely in specifically designated areas. The system keeps watch, signals and registers the departure of residents from this specified area. It was hardly possible to date to exactly trace the position of so-called "wander-off" residents or patients.

The wander guard system supplements and extends the former system with the advantages of GPS technology and thereby enables the exact positioning of persons outside your institution. A programmable radius, called Geofence, delimits parks or walks and guarantees an invisible protective fence in extremely user friendly operation.

The GPS system watches over them, but only transmits a signal if they leave the protected area. Personal rights are therefore not violated.

The signals are transmitted to a GPS cell phone or your in-house server. Your residents can be located in the shortest possible time. The positioning signal of their location is received on a mobile Smartphone by GPS and displayed on a map.

Main benefits and technical details:
* reliable detection by automatic field control
* Splashproof
* easy battery replacement
* patented bracelet closure
* escort function
* trigger different care communication systems or products
* direction detection
* acquisition range 0,5 – 7.0 meter
* elevator control
* feed forward other sensors and actuators
* remote maintenance
* permanent monitoring of the system itself
* alarm possibility
* locating by GPS
* selective door control of the residents room
* selective control of other rooms
* acquisition logistics
* theft monitoring

The Wander Guard guarantees optimum and comprehensive protection as well as a high degree of freedom of movement. The system functions both inside and outside buildings and features combined energy management. The GPS function is only activated if the resident leaves the proximity zone. The service life of the GPS transponder storage battery is thereby considerably prolonged.