Schwester Notruf system

Nurse Call System

A simple solution for difficult times

The nurse alarm system, or ZAS, is a recognised system that is used to transmit an alarm to a pager, e.g. from a bed alarm, a Tele Call, or an agitation detector. The system is quite popular in the Dutch healthcare sector, for example in places that have no alarm system of their own, such as sheltered accommodation or surrogate family units. ZAS is also used as an addition to existing systems.

Very easily connected and operated The ZAS is easily combined with other wiresless nurse alarm systems developed by Vahlkamp. Over the past years, it has proved an ideal solution for small residential homes especially. The pager allows nurses to leave the nurses' station, because as long as they remain within a 250-300 metre radius, they will still be accessible.

Like all alarm products by Vahlkamp, the ZAS is very easily connected and operated. The system is simply connected to a 220-V wall socket and to an alarm device such as the Tele Call, the bed alarm, chair alarm, Wander guard system, table alarm, agitation detector, or floor alarm. If any of these devices is switched on, the ZAS will emit a signal. Within a radius of up to 250 – 300 metres, the pager is able to receive this signal, whereupon it will be activated.

All the knowledge and experience to meet your needs

The nurse alarm system is provided by Vahlkamp. This company has all the experience and knowledge needed to meet the communication needs of health-care institutions.