A simple solution for difficult times.

Epilepsy and a good night's sleep. Two things that rarely exist side by side - as many of you will know. In order to achieve this much-yearned-for good night's sleep, Vahlkamp developed the EPI-Watcher: a unique device that registers epileptic seizures and subsequently triggers an alarm. The device was developed in

Of course, you want an alarm that will alarm you. The problem with real epileptic seizures is that they are often hard to distinguish from other movements. Some devices will - falsely - trigger an alarm whenever the patient makes the slightest movement. As a result of years of development, the Epi-Watcher, on the other hand, will prove a highly reliable partner. A partner that will warn you in case of a seizure, and only in case of a seizure.

The Epi-Watcher is a simple, yet safe product that will register epileptic seizures and offer a range of provisions for connection. The alarm is operated by means of radio waves as soon as the sensor receives vibrations.

A built-in timer ensures that the alarm cannot go off when the patient merely turns over in his sleep. The major advantage of this device is that the alarm will register all seizures and store up to ten of these. If desired, small seizures may be registered only, without triggering the alarm.

The device is provided with a wireless alarm bell. The wired version is integrated. The Epi-Watcher will also transmit a spoken message to pre-programmed numbers. It goes without saying that the Epi-Watcher can