Plug-and-play Nurse Alarm System with Pager

Deciding upon a nurse alarm system by one of the many market parties is a tough job; not only concerning the installation itself, but also concerning the business-economic means. An average nurse alarm system could easily cost some € 450 per room. In addition, a substantial basic investment will be required for the installation of infrastructure and central units. Careful weighing of the pros and cons is therefore required before deciding to invest in such a system.

Many care institutions cannot afford such an investment, resulting in make-shift solutions – even the mechanical handbell is still regularly resorted to. Vahlkamp has a nurse alarm system based on pagers, which is suitable for social living units, hospices and small nursing homes, as well as larger institutions.

Easy of use

The system is characterised by its ease of use and practicality. And thanks to its wireless communication, it is extremely easy to install. Each room has a necklace transmitter; with one press on the button, the central unit is notified and the nurse will immediately see in which room assistance is needed.

The system's accessories

Pagers are used to provide assistance. The notification is passed on to the pager of a member of the nursing staff. Thanks to a booster station, the system has a guaranteed reach of 300 storeys in a block of flats. Additional options include the direct paging of a beeper by means of a telephone link.

Maintenance and repair

The system is easily and quickly exchanged and can, therefore, be kept fully operational almost