Agitation Detector

A simple solution for difficult moments

Although many patients require permanent watchfulness, you can't be in all places at once. And if a patient or resident becomes agitated, he or she does need prompt attention.

The agitation detector developed by Vahlkamp will detect all sounds that betray agitation, such as screaming, crying and yelling. The agitation notice, with an exact indication of the location, is immediately transmitted to the nurse alarm system, allowing prompt action to be taken. Easily installed and operated.

The agitation detector is easily installed and operated. The system comprises a sound receiver and a cable connecting up to the existing alarm system. The receiver is connected to a 220V-240V socket by means of an adapter.

Provided with an on/off switch

The agitation detector, which is provided with an on/off switch, is ideally mounted at a height of approximately 1.75 metres, in a central location. Using a small turning knob, the sensitivity of the receiver is adjusted to the size of the room and the particular situation.